World Fighters is an all-star fighting game. It has 5 main game modes. Number 1 is Versus: This is the normal mode where you fight with friends local or online or fight against random opponents online. Number 2 is Darkness Rises. This is the main story. Number 3 is Solo. Solo has a bunch of things you can do by yourself. First is Classic. Classic is a story-like mode where you go through random battles. Second is Boss Rush where you fight all bosses in the game with only 3 lives. Training is where you train. When you beat Classic you get the character that you used's trophy. Number 4 is Super Mode. In Super Mode you must complete different challenges such as Battles, Finding the Treasue, or Destroying a certain object. Number 5 is My Stuff. This is where you can look at the trophies you've collected, look at the minions you've collected, and edit your Online Profile.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises is the main story of World Fighters. The story is that Slender Man wants to collect all sorts of worlds and rule over them. To do this he collects villains from all over the universe to take down the heroes. You must play as the main heroes to defeat them.


Starting Characters:

Picture Name Series Info
Mario Super Mario This mustachioed plumber is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! He is the Mickey Mouse of gaming. He uses his large collection of power-ups for his attacks.
Bowser - New Super Mario Bros 2
Bowser Super Mario This evil fire-breathing turtle is best known for his constant trying to kidnap Princess Peach. He uses brute force and his flame breath for attacks.

He also uses some enemies for attacks.

Peach (Super Mario 3D World)
Princess Peach Super Mario This classic damsel-in-distress character is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is constantly getting kidnapped by Bowser. She can fight though, so watch out!
250px-Rosalina - Mario Party 10
Rosalina Super Mario This princess of space is quiet and calm. She made her first appearance was in Super Mario Galaxy. She uses Lumas, Starbits, and other space objects for her attacks.
Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog This blue hedgehog is the fastest thing alive! He can run at the speed of sound. He can use spin dashes other abilities for attacks.
Sonicchannel tails cg
Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Tails is Sonic's best friend and sidekick. He is super intelligent and can fly using his two tails. Oh yeah, he is NOT a mutant squirrel.
Knuckles the echinda
Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckles is one of Sonic's closest friends. Although he is a little hot-headed he is still a good friend. He uses different types of punches for his attacks.
Metal Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog Metal Sonic is a robotic clone of Sonic created by Dr. Eggman. He's not quite as fast but has plenty of lasers, missiles, and rockets to make up for it.
Finn gio
Finn Adventure


Finn is the last human in the Land of Oo. He is an energetic 15 year old boy. He uses his sword for most of his attacks.
Original Jake
Jake the Dog Adventure


Jake is Finn's best friend and adoptive brother. He has stretchy powers and can turn into many different things for his attacks.
BMO Adventure


BMO is an AI that is a video game system. It uses video game controllers and electricity for it's attacks.
Megaman Megaman This super-fighting robot was created by Dr. Light. He constantly has to save the world from Dr. Wily. He uses other robot's abilities for attacks.
Zero Megaman This robot was made by Dr. Wily to take down Megaman. Now, he works with Megaman to take down Dr. Wily. He uses his sword for his attacks.
Gumball and darwin by noe yyy-d621t68
Gumball & Darwin The Amazing World of Gumball Gumball is the son of Nicole and Richard Watterson. Darwin was there pet fish until he grew legs. They use karate, dodgeball, and water balloons for attacks.
Ness Mother Ness is a young boy from Eagleland. He had to save the world from Giygas. He use PSI moves such as PK Plus and PK Thunder for attacks.
Scott Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim is a 24 year old that lives in Toronto, Canada. He plays guitar and video games. He uses his guitar and fighting moves from games for attacks.
Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye is an Irish youtuber that is the last boss on Earth. He uses Septic-Eyes and Bossitronio powers for attacks.
3127 the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-prev
Bilbo Baggins The Lord of the Rings Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit from Hobbiton. He was in for a surprise when Gandalf knocked on his door. He uses Sting and The Ring for attacks.
Gandalf grey wizard by avmorgan-d7symom
Gandalf The Lord of the Rings Gandalf is an old, wise wizard that lives in Middle-Earth. He uses his great magic abilities in battle.
Emmet Lego Emmet was a normal minifig until Wyldestyle showed up and told him he was "The Special". He uses his Master Builder abilities in battle.
Calvin & Hobbes Calvin & Hobbes Calvin is a boy with a wild imagination and his stuffed tiger/best friend is an expert tiger. They use sludge balls and tiger pounces to take down enemies.
Hercules Character
Hercules Hercules Hercules is a roman demi-god that is the son of Zeus. He became a hero once Phil taught him. He uses his godly strength to defeat all of his opponents.
Request 66 alicorn twilight sparkle by radiant eclipse-d5q621j
Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Twilight Sparkle was a bookworm who didn't care for friends, the she went to Poniville! She uses magic for her attacks.
74-74035 dis mickey mouse prod
Mickey Mouse Disney Mickey Mouse was created by Walter Disney. He is the most famous cartoon character of all time. He uses his paintbrush and airplane to aid him in battle.
250px-Wario SSB4
Wario WarioWare Wario is Mario's twisted cousin and enemy. he loves gold and jewels and wants everything. He uses motorcycles and... well... farts. Yeah, farts.
180px-Ashley Model SSB4
Ashley WarioWare Ashley is witch that works with her demon, Red. She uses dark spells and Red to defeat foes.
Villager Cover
Villager Animal Crossing Villager is the mayor of the town he lives in. He uses his many tools to aid him in battle. Also, he is NOT a psycho killer.
Minecraft-steve 12
Steve? Minecraft Steve? is the main protagonist of the PC survival game, Minecraft. Your goal is to survive against all the monsters at night. He uses bows, diamond picks, TNT, dirt for his attacks.
Spyro 3 - Gilde
Spyro Spyro the Dragon Spyro is one of the few purple dragons in Dragon Land. He uses his elemental powers to defeat anyone in his way.
Chris Mclean Total Drama Chris Mclean is evil host of the Canadian reality tv show, Total Drama. He uses explosives and Fang for his attacks.
Batman Batman Batman is actually millionaire, Bruce Wayne in disguise. He uses Batarangs, Extreme Intelligence, Smoke Bombs, and even Shark Repellent Bat-Spray to take down the villains in Gotham.
Joker mkvsdc Render
The Joker Batman The Joker used to be a normal criminal until a nasty run in with some chemicals. Now he's the psychotic clown we know and love today.
Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker was just a normal geek, until a radioactive spider bit him. Now he learns that with great power comes great responsibility!
025Pikachu SSB4
Pikachu Pokémon Pikachu is the mascot of Pokémon and is used by some of the greatest trainers, such as Red and Ash!
001Bulbasaur AG anime
Bulbasaur Pokémon Bulbasaur is the grass starter of Gen 1. He uses vine whip and bullet seed in battle.
Star Butterfly Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star is a teenage girl from the kingdom Mewni. Mewni is from another dimension. She uses her wand to help her.
Black Mage Final Fantasy Black Mage is a class from Final Fantasy. He uses mainly Black Magic for attacks.
Sora Kingdom Hearts Sora was a normal guy living on an island, until he found the Keyblade. Now he travels to different worlds finding Disney and Final Fantasy characters.
Elsa Frozen Elsa is the icy queen of Arendelle. She has the ability to freeze opponents and other cold attacks.
Captain Olimar and Pikmin - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
Olimar Pikmin Olimar is a space ship flyer for the company. He was taking a vacation when he crash landed on the Pikmin Planet.
A dipper and mabel
Dipper & Mabel Gravity Falls Dipper and Mabel Pines are the Mystery Twins in Gravity Falls. They solve so many mysteries you should just call them Shaggy and Scooby.
2015-07-14-1436902565-6235018-SpongeBob 5
Spongebob Spongebob Squarepants Spongebob is the Krusty Krab's best fry cook. He's yellow and absorbent and can drop on the deck and flop like a fish.
Knack Knack Knack is a being created by The Doctor. His main purpose is to help fight the war against the Goblins. He can use materials like glass, metal, ice and other substances to change stats.
SSB4 - Donkey Kong Artwork
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong used to capture Pauline, but he eventually became good and now fights King K. Rool.
Chibi-Robo Pick Up Plug
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo is a robot built to keep your house clean. Using different upgrades he can put up a good fight.
Sackboy Brain Crane
Sackboy LittleBigPlanet Sackboy is the main protagonist of the LittleBigPlanet series. He can use his many power-ups and Popit for attacks.

Unlockable Characters:

Picture Name Series Description How to Unlock
Slenderman Slender Slender man started as a creepypasta but his popularity got him many games.
  • Beat Darkness Rises
  • Fight 350 versus matches
Mewtwo 2
Mewtwo Pokémon Mewtwo is a failed clone of Mew created by Team Rocket. He uses psychic attacks.
  • Fight 100 versus matches
  • Beat Classic as all other Pokémon characters
Protoman Megaman Protoman is Megaman's brother that escaped and now works alone to save the city.
  • Fight 50 versus matches
  • Beat classic with Megaman
Original Ice King
Ice King Adventure Time Ice King was a normal song writer until he found his crown that turned him crazy and gave him ice powers.
  • Fight 25 versus matches
  • Beat classic with Finn and Jake
Primid Trophy Vector
Primid Super Smash Bros Premids are a standard enemies made out of shadow bugs. They work for the Subspace Army.
  • Defeat all enemies in a stage
  • Fight 10 versus matches.
Rainbow dash 12 by xpesifeindx-d5giyir
Rainbow Dash My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Rainbow Dash is one of the fastest pegasus in Poniville. She is in charge of the weather.
  • Beat 75 versus matches
  • Beat classic as Twilight Sparkle
Sauron render lord of the rings conquest by angelus23-d5wdt9e
Sauron The Lord of the Rings Sauron's main goal was to get the ring. He was eventually stopped by Frodo and crew.
  • Fight 250 versus matches
  • Beat classic on hard as Gandalf
200px-Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Luigi Super Mario Luigi is Mario's younger brother. He is normally in Mario's shadow until he got his own year.
  • Beat Classic as Mario
  • Defeat 50 ghost enemies.
Freddy Fazbear Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy Fazbear is the main animatronic at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He is pretty creepy though, I don't understand why kids like him.
  • Fight 200 versus matches
  • Beat the ''Luigi's Pizza Plight" stage
Shadow rivals
Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Shadow was created by Dr. Gerald Robotic as the Ultimate Life Form. He uses Chaos Emeralds for attacks.
  • Fight 250 versus matches
  • Beat classic as Sonic on hard
494Victini XY anime
Victini Pokémon Victini is the luckiest legendary ever. He is the Luck Pokémon after all.
  • Beat Classic on hard as Pikachu
  • Get the jackpot on Trophy Machine
Nova Spider-Man Nova is a superhero that works with Spider-Man. He uses energy blast for attacks.
  • Beat Classic as Doctor Octopus
  • Fight on the New York Stage 25 times
Dr. Octopus (Ultimate)
Doctor Octopus Spider-Man Doctor Octovius is a mad scientist that uses 4 mechanical arms to commit crimes.
  • Beat classic as Spider-Man
  • Defeat 50 Bloopers
Cynder Spyro the Dragon Cynder is Spyro's best friend and probably lover. She uses elements just like Spyro.
  • Beat Classic as Spyro
  • Beat the Malefore boss on Boss Rush
Bass Megaman Bass is an evil robot created by Dr. Wily. He has a megabuster similar to Megaman.
  • Beat Classic with Zero (Megaman)
  • Beat the Yellow Devil boss in Boss Rush
Zero Warp Zero is an alien that was captured by scientists. He can teleport and has telepathy.
  • Fight on the Space stage 25 times
  • Defeat 50 Scientist enemies
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's nephew even though he's a monkey. He uses his Peanut Popgun for attacks.
  • Beat Classic as Donkey Kong
  • Use the banana peel item 100 times
Harley Quinn (model sheet)
Harley Quinn Batman Harley Quinn was a scientist until she fell in love with the Joker. Now she uses a huge frickin' hammer to try to defeat Batman.
  • Beat Classic as The Joker
  • Defeat 50 Clown Goons
Hades Hercules Hades is the god of death. He try to kill Hercules but he failed.
  • Beat Classic as Hercules on hard
  • Beat 50 demon enemies
Bill cipher by dasarchie-d6ux4qg
Bill Cipher Gravity Falls Bill Cipher is a demon-thing that Gideon summoned to defeat the Pines. He is also NOT a dorito.
  • Beat Classic as Dipper and Mabel
  • Play on the Mystery Shack stage 25 times
White Mage Final Fantasy White Mage is a class in Final Fantasy. In Battle Warriors she takes on her appearance from Mario Sports MIx.
  • Beat Classic as Black Mage
  • Use a magic using character 50 times
SSB4 - Wii Fit Trainer Artwork
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Wii Fit Trainer is the instructor from the exercise game Wii Fit. She makes a return in Wii Fit U.
  • Play on the Gym stage 25 times
  • Use the Home Run Bat item 50 times
Lemongrab Adventure Time Lemongrab is the Earl of Lemongrab. He has an extremely sour personality. Hahahaha! Get it?
  • Beat Classic as Ice King
  • Play as Ice King 50 times



Name Image Description
Peach's Castle
A stage from SSBM based on Peach's Castle

from Super Mario 64. Banzai Bill will sometimes

attack the castle so watch out!

World 1-1
A stage based off the first world from almost all

Super Mario Bros. There are no real hazards.

The Stage
A stage based off the battleground for Paper

Mario. No Stage Hazards.

Yoshi's Island
35757-Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (USA)-16
Yoshi's Island is where all Yoshis live. Kamek

will sometimes fly by and shoot magic beams

at you.

Luigi's Mansion
A stage from SSBB. It is based off of Luigi's

Mansion. It came fall apart if it takes to many

hits though so be careful.

Comet Observatory
250px-SMG Cometobservatory2
Where Rosalina and the Lumas reside, this stage will switch from different parts of the Comet Observatory.

It will go to the Main Room, Library, Toad Brigade,

and even Mario's Starship.

Green Hill Zone
Green Hill Zone SSBB
A stage from SSBB. It has slight adjustment such as the stage won't fall apart and Tails and Knuckles won't run by if someone is using them.
Angel Island
SA Angel Island 2
Where Knuckles must guard the Master Emerald so it will stay afloat. Snively might fly by and shoot you or Rouge will come by and kick you.
Death Egg
Fighting inside the Death Egg can be pretty dangerous because Dr. Engman can fly by in the Egg Mobile and shoot you or a Buzzy Bomber will fly by and zap you.
Chao Garden
Neutral Garden
A stage based off the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure. No stage hazards, but chaos will fly by.
Windy Hill Zone
300px-Windy Hill press image
A stage from Sm4sh. No real stage hazards.
Casino Night Zone
FileFighters casino night
Based off the stage from Sonic the Fighters. Fang will sometimes walk by and snipe you.
Wily Castle
300px-Wilys fortress
A stage from Sm4sh based on Wily's Castle. Yellow Devil appears just as a hazard instead of a stage boss.
A stage based on the overworld from Minecraft. It has day/night cycles and at night creepers might come out and blow up.
Tree Fort
Finn and Jake's tree fort from Adventure Time. Neptr will sometimes come out and throw pies at you.
Candy Kingdom
Candy kingdom
Takes place outside of Princess Bubblegum's castle, sometime pieces of candy will fall from the sky.
A stage from PSASBR except for the fact that the Buzz! hazard is removed and replaced with The Collector's minions.
A move stage. The different locations are the Watterson's house, Elmore High, Tina's Junkyard, the Forest of Doom, and Idaho's Farm.
Worlds bricksburg1
A city from the Lego World and Emmet's home town. A stage hazard is Emmet's giant suit fight Micro Managers.
New York City
Newyork 2705424b
New York City is a town in the state of New York. Stage hazards consist of The Rhino will charge through, Hulk will be attack Loki, and the Statue of Liberty walking through.
Arkahm Asylum
Fighting inside Arkahm Asylum can be pretty dangerous. Stage Hazards include: Mr. Freeze freezing you, The Penguin's minions attacking, and Clay Face smashing everything.
Elsa's Ice Palace
A beautiful castle made out of pure ice. It's pretty but watch out for Marshmallow.
Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Stage
Show stage nocamera
Fight in front of the stage the animatronics perform on. China and Bonnie will sometimes come of and attack you.
Conch Street
Spongebob's street that he lives on. Jellyfish fly by from time to time. If you touch them they shock you.
Fight in different parts of space such as on the Moon, on Mars, in a space station, and on a floating platform in front of the sun.
468px-Wiifitstage wiiu1
The gym from Wii Fit. Yoga balls will sometimes fly by and hit you.


Name Image Desc/HTU
Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 7.11.08 PM
A website where many different people find their

fame. In the background the original Nyan Cat

video plays on repeat.

HTU: Play as Jacksepticeye 15 times

Nether 2638364
The underworld of Minecraft. Overrun by ghosts,

blazes, and lava it's a dangerous place. Ghasts

sometimes shoot fireballs at you.

HTU: Play as Steve? 15 times

Smaug's Lair
Smaug's Hall
Where Smaug lives and keeps his gold hoard.

Smaug will sometimes fly by and breath fire.

HTU: Play as Bilbo Baggins 15 times



S2e3 Mystery Shack new
Where Stan Pines lives with Mabel and Dipper.

Gideon's Mech will sometimes attack.

HTU: Play as Dipper & Mabel 15 times

Octan Tower
The Octan Tower
You fight inside President Bussiness's office.

Lord Business will some times Kraglize you.

HTU: Play as Emmet 15 times

Strange Planet
Spaceman Spiff finds himself on many different

planets, and this is one of them. Watch out for

aliens though.

HTU: Play as Calvin & Hobbes 15 times

Isla Nublar
Isla Nublar game
An island where Jurassic Park takes place.

Velociraptors sometime run through and attack


HTU: Beat "Darkness Rises"


Image Name Description
Fire Flower Shoot fire for a few minutes.
Mushroom Turns you big. This makes you heavier and more powerful

but also makes you slower.

The Kragle Lets you shoot glue that makes opponents freeze for a few

seconds. Contains 15 shots of ammo.

LBP Crown Gives you the ability to spawn in any item other than a Smash

Ball. Lets you spawn in 5 items.

93WZ7jEz 400x400
Smash Ball Breaking it lets you use your super.
Banana peel large.9e7133dd4d3734a0497a39d8e0120f2c98881d57
Banana Peel Stepping on it makes you slip. Slapstick humor at it's finest.
Assist Portal Touching it spawns in someone to help you battle.
Dream Rare Candy Sprite
Rare Candy Increases all your stats for a few seconds.


Assistants are characters that appear when you us an Assist Portal

Image Name Description
180px-Fawful Artwork - Superstar Saga
Fawful Fawful hovers around on his hover board shooting his star gun. He will help you win. It is easy. Easy as bread sandwiches.
Transparent Foxy
Foxy the Pirate Foxy will dash back and forth on the stage slashing opponents with his hook.
Newton lbp3 by pm58790-d8gz069
Newton Newton uses his invention, The Pumpinator, to blow foes of the stage.
Enderman Teleports around the stage picking up players and throwing them of the stage.
Cleverbot Evie Evie will appear behind the stage. She will start saying random nonsense. The words she speaks will fly at opponents.
Marceline Marceline will fly up in the air and rock out on the guitar. The sound waves will blast away opponents.
Moe hits Calvin
Moe Moe will grab an opponent and punch him. While he only does it once it is very powerful, being able to KO someone at only 75%.
Chef Hatchet Chef will fly up in a helicopter and drop dirty laundry bombs on enemies.
Unit heavy
Heavy He will walk up to one opponent and constantly shoot at them. The bullets have zero knockback but can rack up tons of damage.
Tumblr inline nc62n1dQsn1rzrxh1
Markiplier Markiplier will dash around the stage throwing pink mustaches at people.
Legolasfinal 2
Legolas He will stand in place but can hit anyone on stage with arrows.
Peg-Leg Pete
Pete He will charge at opponents. If he hits them they'll go flying, but if he hits a wall he'll fall to the ground and disappear.
Spike the dragon vector by durpy-d51a3tn
Spike the Dragon Spike will burn an enemy send them off stage for a few minutes. They will continuously rack up damage during this state.
Dr Wily s Epic Getaway by CaptainJamesman
Dr. Wily Dr. Wily will summon random Robot Masters to attack opponents.
Minecraft wither by scott910-d6wiivv
The Wither The Wither will fly around the screen shooting Wither Skulls at opponents. The Wither Skulls damage the person who summoned him to, but not as much.
Cheese Head Cheese Head will use part of his string cheese body to latch onto an opponent and throw him off screen.
Cthulhu rises wip 2 by erws-d5blv1v
Cthulhu Cthulhu will flood the stage cause enemies to move slower except for you. He will also punch them.


Image Name Description
250px-Bowser - Mario Party 10
Bowser Same as Charcter
Fang A giant shark with arms and legs, he was created after Camp Wawanakwa was covered in toxic waste. He uses his fangs and claws to attack the player.
Gideonbot game
Gideon-bot A huge robot designed to look like Gideon, although he's only half painted. He can use his arms, buses, and other moves to attack the heroes.
Generations DE boss



The robot that guards the Death Egg, thee Death Egg Robot was design in Robotnik's image to defeat Sonic. It can uses rockets, spikes, and strong punches to fight the player.


A snowman created by Elsa to keep Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf out of her castle. He uses icicles and snowballs for attacks.
Belsa When Bill Cipher took control of Elsa he used her powers to terrorize the heroes. Much like Bipper, her eyes are a pale yellow with black slit pupils. She uses ice and Bill's magic.
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil A giant, yellow robot with one eye. He was created by Dr. Wily to stop Mega Man. He mainly just punches but can teleport around the stage.
250px-Big Bob-omb - Mario Party 9
King Bob-omb The king of bob-ombs (duh), he will throw bob-ombs, stomp the ground, and even do a belly flop on the player.
Manticore intimidating roar S01E02
Manti-core A lion, bat, scorpion creature that is strong and fast. He was influenced by Slender Man to fight the heroes. To do this, he uses his claws, wings, and tail.
Ender Dragon A black dragon with purple particles eminating from, it resides in the End. It uses purple fire balls and swooping through the battle field to try and defeat the players.
S1e19 bill snap


Same as Character
140606-slender-man-mn-735 297a98e4b78681fe7a932d8c5069f8db.nbcnews-fp-1200-800


Same as Character

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