The Steve? Skin
Vital statistics
Position Miner, Crafter, Farmer, Fisherman, Alchemist, Technician, Blacksmith, Lumberjack, Woodworker
Age Unknown
Status Hero
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Steve? is the main protagonist of the PC survival game, Minecraft. His goal is to survive night and take down the Enderdragon.


Name Description Image
Special: Bow Steve? shoots an arrow forwards.
Side Special: Flint & Steel Steve? catches the ground in front of him on fire.
Flint and Steel
Up Special: Dirt Tower Steve? builds a dirt tower to boost him upwards.
Down Special: TNT Steve? places TNT and a redstone torch to blow it up.
Super: Creative Steve? enters creative mode and places stuff to hurt opponents


Steve? is the generic skin for the PC game Minecraft. He has many different forms like prisoner, tuxedo, gangster, and other.

Alternate Costumes


Games that Steve? appears in:

  1. World Fighters
  2. World Fighters 2: Worlds at War

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