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Jessie and James of Team Rocket
Vital statistics
Position Team Rocket Member, Thief, Pokémon Trainer
Age 20
Status Villain
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Jessie is a main antagonist of the Pokémon Anime, along with James and Meowth. She lost her mother at a young age.


Name Description Image
Special: Ekans


Jessie pulls out Ekans

who then uses Bite.

200px-Koga Ekans Adventures
Side Special: Pumpkaboo Jessie pulls out Pumpkaboo who uses shadow ball.
Jessie Pumpkaboo Shadow Ball
Up Special:


Jessie holds onto Woobat and he flies her upwards.
Down Special: Wobbuffet Jessie uses Wobbuffet who stands in place for a few seconds. Anyone that walks into him gets damaged.
Final Smash: Blasting of Again Jessie and James use a move that cause any opponents hit to fly off the screen.
We+re+blasting+off+again+ 754c23c99b91e0e911398d60eeb201c8


Jessie a main antagonist of the anime series, Pokémon. Her first appearance was in the episode, Pokémon Emergency!.


This is a list of games Jessie appears in:

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