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Jacksepticeye's most famous face
Vital statistics
Position Youtuber, Boss, Whale Biologist
Age 28
Status Hero
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Jacksepticeye is the only Boss left on Earth. He is also an Irish youtuber. He can channel his inner bossness for his attacks. He also commands around little Septic Eyes.


Name Description Photo

High Five

Jack high fives the

opponent with all his


Side Special:

Septic Laser

A Septic Eye shoots a laser out of it's pupil.
Septic-eye-female-longsleeve design
Up Special: Boss Boost Jack uses his boss speed to boost himself upwards. No Image Available
Down Special: TICKY BOMB!!! Jack throws a sticky bomb. It can stick to players, items, and walls. Press Down B again to activate it.
Sticky Bomb-GTAV
Super: Septic Mech Jack calls his Septic Mech and gets into it. It can shoot laser, missiles, and sticky bombs.

Alternate Attacks:

Name Description
Side Special: Plague Jacksepticeye shoots the Sleep plague out of his hands.


Jacksepticeye started YouTube in February 24, 2007. He is the last known boss on Earth and now currently lives in Brighton, England. He makes videos with other youtubers such as Markiplier, Muyskerm, LordMinion777, Pewdiepie, and CinnamonToastKen.


This is a list of games Jacksepticeye appears in:

World Fighters

World Fighters 2: Worlds at War

Alternate Skins